A Guide to the Outdoors
for Urban Dwellers

FARM + LAND takes readers on an inspiring journey deep into the mountains, countryside, and desert land to share the stories of those who unplugged from city life. FARM + LAND will feature 250-300 pages of rustic cabins, cozy farmhouses and handcrafted yurts; revealing the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to build shelter, grow food, and thrive in the great outdoors. FARM + LAND will be an escape from city life, an impetus for an outdoor adventure, or the nudge we’ve been looking for to create a life that brings us back to the land.

Created and  Edited by Freddie Pikovsky. 
Co-authored by Nicole Caldwell.
Published by Chronicle Books.

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The Art of
Ditching City Life

Get inspired by the journey of city dwellers who took the leap outdoors.

Photo Credit: Nycky-jay Vanjecek


Discover the renaissance of architectural craftsmanship across the land.

Photo Credit: Getaway

Farming & Provisions

Learn the foraging, preserving, and farming methods to live off the land.

Lifestyle Essentials

Explore the tools, gear, and utilities needed to survive the elements.

Guides, Tips, & How-to’s

From buying land, to building shelter, and shearing alpacas.

Photo Credit: FARM + LAND

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