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Get Back to the Land

A spectacular treehouse suspended above a lush forest. A cozy cabin perched on a mountainside. A small farm growing heirloom vegetables in the high desert. These are the extraordinary stories of the modern day back-to-the-land-movement, a movement that embraces slow living, sustainability, and the value of doing things with your own two hands. Here are remarkable narratives, essential how-tos, and hundreds of breathtaking photographs from people who have embraced lives of adventure in wild places. Delivered in a handsome volume that inspires feelings of wanderlust, this book is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who has ever dreamed of escaping to a simpler way of life.


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Big Picture Farm   +    The Joshua Tree House   +   Barn in Tivoli    +   The Outlier Inn    +   Ravenwood    +   Fosters Supply   +   Wild Roots Farm   +   OZ Farm   +   Better Farm   +   Hotel Luna Mystica   +   Earthship Biotecture   +   Blue Sky Center   +   Den For Our Cubs   +   We Are In Our Element  +   Shed Project   +   The Glass Cabin   +   Little Owl Cabin   +    O2 Treehouse    +   Getaway   +   A Black A-Frame   +   Chris Daniele   +   Jeff Waldman   +   Peter Crosby   +   Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club   +   Jodie C. Taylor

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