A Guide to the Outdoors
for Urban Dwellers

FARM + LAND takes readers on an inspiring journey deep into the mountains, countryside, and desert land to share the stories of those who unplugged from city life. FARM + LAND will feature 250-300 pages of rustic cabins, cozy farmhouses and handcrafted yurts; revealing the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to build shelter, grow food, and thrive in the great outdoors. FARM + LAND will be an escape from city life, an impetus for an outdoor adventure, or the nudge we’ve been looking for to take our lives off the grid.

Created and  Edited by Freddie Pikovsky. 
Co-authored by Nicole Caldwell.
Published by Chronicle Books.

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The Art of
Ditching City Life

Get inspired by the journey of city dwellers who took the leap outdoors.

Photo Credit: Nycky-jay Vanjecek


Discover the renaissance of architectural craftsmanship across the land.

Photo Credit: Getaway

Farming & Provisions

Learn the foraging, preserving, and farming methods to live off the land.

Lifestyle Essentials

Explore the tools, gear, and utilities needed to survive the elements.

Guides, Tips, & How-to’s

From buying land, to building shelter, and shearing alpacas.

Photo Credit: FARM + LAND

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