Bluesmart Co-founder Diego Saez-Gil, “Nature is the Ultimate Creative Force”

Argentine entrepreneur Diego Saez Gil is a product developer, tech founder and innovator who most recently co-founded Bluesmart, a smart luggage startup he successfully launched on the back of a $2.2 million Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2014. Saez-Gil is a master of ideas: What he dreams, he goes on to create.

Saez Gil will be a featured guest at the upcoming FARM + LAND retreat in New York Sept. 8-10, offering his perspectives on technology, nature, and how the two can—and should—meet to conquer some of the planet’s most complex problems.

Diego’s central vision for what makes a successful company. “I think it must start with a purpose, a mission,” he told the Huffington Post. “Then products can change, markets can change, industries can change. But if you have a larger purpose the company will be resilient to those changes and will adapt to continue fulfilling its purpose.” The Stanford University Graduate School of Business alum has applied this vision to other companies, including founding travel startup WeHostels (since acquired by StudentUniverse), and serving as VP of Mobile at StudentUniverse.

Of all your accomplishments—Bluesmart, WeHostels, and much much more—which of your career accolades are you most proud of and why?
I’m most proud of having come as an immigrant and despite facing many challenges, being able to build companies that create many jobs and help local economies.
How do you think the natural world can educate our technology when it comes to finding solutions to some of our most pressing environmental issues?
I think that nature is the ultimate creative force. As an innovator and designer, Buckminster Fuller used to suggest we have to try to understand nature and take inspiration from it to create our designs, given that nature has evolved its structures and innovations for billions of years. When it comes to the environmental issues that we face today, I think that the solution is precisely in nature: Protecting our forests is the best way to fight climate change.
What do you find most valuable about spending time outside?
I think that time outside and in touch with the nature is the best way to put our minds in a state of peace and awe, opening up for new fresh ideas. It also gives us a reminder that we are nature, that we are all connected through the web of life.
Why are you excited about Farm + Land?
I’m super excited about Farm + Land as a perfect opportunity to mix everything I love: nature, inspiring people, and fun activities that can inspire new ideas.

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