A Guide to
the Outdoors
for Urban Dwellers

FARM + LAND takes readers on an inspiring journey deep into the mountains, countryside, and desert land to share the stories of those who unplugged from city life. FARM + LAND will feature rustic cabins, cozy farmhouses and handcrafted yurts; revealing the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to build shelter, grow food, and thrive in the great outdoors. 

Created and  Edited by Freddie Pikovsky. 
Co-authored by Nicole Caldwell.
Published by Chronicle Books.


Big Picture Farm   +    The Joshua Tree House   +   Barn in Tivoli    +   The Outlier Inn    +   Ravenwood    +   Fosters Supply   +   Wild Roots Farm   +   OZ Farm   +   Better Farm   +   Hotel Luna Mystica   +   Earthship Biotecture   +   Blue Sky Center   +   Den For Our Cubs   +   We Are In Our Element  +   Shed Project   +   The Glass Cabin   +   Little Owl Cabin   +    O2 Treehouse    +   Getaway   +   A Black A-Frame   +   Chris Daniele   +   Jeff Waldman   +   Peter Crosby   +   Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club   +   Jodie C. Taylor

Coming Fall 2019

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The Art of
Escaping the City

Find inspiration in the stories of modern city dwellers who took a leap back to land.


Discover the renaissance of extraordinary architectural craftsmanship taking place.


Learn about the basic foraging, farming, and preserving methods to live off the land.

Lifestyle Essentials

Dig into the tools, gear, and utilities needed to survive the elements.


Instructions from building your own cabin in the woods, to raising chickens, and shearing alpacas.