A Classic Porsche Built for Carving up the Bavarian Alps

This gorgeous 1985 Porsche Carrera 3.2 was beautifully redesigned as a 1972 S/T model. It’s called the RC.02 Stone grey, by Rico Customs based out of the Netherlands.

We got it in bad shape. The previous owner drove it daily out here in the Netherlands, which means a lot of rust from all the salt on the roads.”

The car needed to be completely stripped. The engine was taken out, the body was ground down to the bare metal. A friend welded on the S/T flairs, mimicking the exact procedures Porsche would have used back in the day. Friends helped rework the engine, Rico assembled all other parts while focusing on the custom design details.


“Most of the inspiration comes from the track. I love the race look on a classic car.”  The project took a total of seven months to complete “and that’s pretty fast.”

These days, the only thing better than looking at this custom classic is driving it. “I drive it as often as possible. We have a great group of Porsche guys out here that get together on road trips.”


This year we went on a ride out to the  Black Forest in Germany with about thirty other classic Porsche owners. Generally, I prefer taking it out to Germany and the Swiss Alps. I need as many curves as possible! These are no fun in a straight line.”

Rico has been a self-professed petrol head ever since he was ten years old, when his dad took him to see his first race at the Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands, “when you hear those noises and get a whiff of the racecar smell – what’s not to like?”.

The 911 is the best-looking classic. A legend in the motorsports world, and it’s just the perfect all-around car for road trips, and the track”. 


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