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Tom Bihn has been designing and creating USA-made travel bags and backpacks for over 40 years. At just 10 years old, Tom started sewing his own gear because he couldn’t afford the equipment to go camping and hiking. While designing, sewing, and engineering for years – even repairing bags from other makers – Tom learned what works and what doesn’t.

Today, those decades of experience have been translated into Tom Bihn, the company, which has caught the attention of gearheads across the globe.

Their own warehouse in Seattle gives them full control over production, and the company’s philosophies of inclusiveness, mindfulness, spontaneity, and fun allow enough freedom to continue innovating. Their lineup of bags and accessories span travel, every-day-carry, and outdoor pursuits, all with a zero-compromise approach to craftsmanship, materials, and design.

The Guide’s Pack was designed with a touch of nostalgia for classic hiking and mountaineering packs of the past. It’s a downright joy to load up for any day exploring the backcountry.

Curved and padded straps keep it comfortable on long trails. Lash points all over can carry everything from ice picks to sleeping bags. Internal O-ring attachment points make sure the important stuff stays secure, and the exterior Parapack fabric (originally developed for military use parachute backpacks) will likely last several lifetimes. If it – or any of the bag – fails, Tom’s lifetime guarantee will have your back.




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