The Redwood Cabin by Elevated Spaces

Designed, built and owned by Jeff Waldman and Molly Fiffer, constructed over the course of one year with the help of a whole lot of friends.

This is an off-grid cabin, perched atop 10 sloped acres of redwood, oak, and madrone on the California coast. Clad in local redwood siding, with raw birch plywood walls and exposed Douglas fir timbers, the 280 square foot cabin is outfitted with large doors that allow the cabin and deck to function as a single indoor/outdoor space.


The property, Elevated Spaces, earns its namesake from the incredible structures you’ll find built out into the redwood trees throughout the sloped property. Photo by: Frederick Pikovsky @FARMANDLAND

A year was spent salvaging most of the windows and the panoramic door, and the cabin was designed around the acquired glass. The rest of the build was informed by the constraints of the site and a complete lack of experience or training.

To reduce costs the kitchen was constructed from commercial wire shelving and mounted to Ikea countertops with closet rod hardware. The cooler slides out on casters and the propane stove is adapted from RV use.

The shelves, bench, and stow-flat loft ladder are made from slabs of madrone, which were chainsaw milled from trees felled on the cabin site. The redwood timbers and siding came from a neighboring sawyer.

One of the first structures built onto the property, a plush cabin-like restroom. Photo by: Jeff Waldman
Photo by: Jeff Waldman
Photo By: Jeff Waldman

Down the trail from the cabin is an outhouse and further still down the hill is a heated outdoor shower, elevated and suspended between two redwoods. The weekend getaway, shared communally among friends, also features a series of suspended tree decks, wood-fired hot tub and host of camp activities, such as axe throwing and archery.

Photo by: Frederick Pikovsky @FARMANDLAND


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Photo by: Danny Osterweil

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